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Who founded Vector Interactive Group?

Jason Lesko.  An entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in business development and in residence and commercial real estate transactions and development.  He also considers himself having a constant drive for success and that “Anything Is Possible If We Believe It To Be So.”

When was Vector Interactive Ground Founded?

Since 2014

What is the life blood of any business?

Sales! Sales are created through the ongoing process of marketing your company’s brand in as many places as possible!

How important is your brand?

Your company brand is how people remember you.  Protect it as if it was GOLD!

How important is having an online presence?

If you are in business and don’t have an online presence chances are you are in a niche market.  For the rest of us, everyone likes to see and read who they are doing business with now-a-days. SCAMS unfortunately are everywhere.

How long does it take to complete a single tenant retail development project? 
Every site development project varies depending on complexity and therefore time.  Site studies, zoning, environmental, accessibility, wetlands and governmental approvals, to mention a few, take time to complete. Typically, six to eight months are needed for due diligence items needed for permit approvals and then coordinating site work and construction process can begin. 

When does an executed lease or closing related to commercial property generally occur?

In most cases, for the development project to be financeable by a lending institution all pre-development items must show current and proper documentation is accounted for stating that all pending issues if applicable have been resolved.